Rising to the Top

The "Refreshment Channel", consisting of Shaked Ferrara, Asthma de Loco and Lidoy, were the most successful pop band in Israel, until their unfortunate statement against the army turned them into enemies of the state overnight. In an attempt to restore their reputation, the three most pampered stars in the country enlist in the PR band - a military band that aims to increase the IDF's popularity, under the command of Sharona (Rotem Sela) and Yirmi (Eran Zarhovich). When they are away from home, the fans and their favorite hookah, old tensions pop up and threaten to break up the band. For the first time since they met at age 4 in the Red Bull kindergarten, the three split up. Will they find themselves or each other? Will they choose true friendships or the spotlight? All the answers in "Rising to the Top," the ripping movie of the summer in theaters!